2014 / 28 December

Olympic Advertising with heart

With the Sochi Winter Olympic Games fast approaching, we’re starting to see lead up advertising. As a life long skier and winter follower, the Olympics are the highlight of my sport watching calendar (especially since the X-Games doesn’t make its way to Australia). Most of the advertising in the lead up is around the network coverage or the event itself. But Procter & Gamble have used it as a platform to deliver an emotionally charged brand message.

P&G tell a story, and one that many of us can relate to. As a skier, and suffering through multiple injuries (including three knee, two ankle, one shoulder and one back injury), the opening scenes all resonate. But what is admirable about P&G’s ad is that they manage to illustrate how their products can support families at every stage of their lives. No matter what is happening, there is a P&G product ready to help. And their target is the mother of the family — the primary purchaser of P&G’s products.

It’s emotionally driven, it’s well shot and tells a wonderful story. And now I cannot wait for the downhill skiing!

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